Course Committee

Nazim Cerkes, Istanbul – Turkey
Wolfgang Gubisch & Sebastian Haack, Stuttgart – Germany
Enrico Robotti, Bergamo – Italy

Preliminary Program | 8th Annual Meeting of the Rhinoplasty Society of Europe

Monday | April 8, 2019

7.30 am – 8.00 am


8.00 am – 8.05 am


8.05 am – 8.25 am

Video from the Founding President: The highlights of a case – deviated nose
Wolfgang Gubisch

8.25 am – 8.45 am

Keynote Lecture 1: Addressing the aesthetics of the dorsum
Nazim Cerkes

8.45 am – 9.50 am

Video Session 1 | Techniques: established and new – Section I

3+4 formula: 3 min video-focused presentation of a specific technique + 4 min discussion for each presentation (Discussants + audience)
Discussants: Haack, Lekakis

  1. A New Technique for Robust Stabilization in the Keystone Area During Extracorporeal Septorhinoplasty
    Haldun Kamburoğlu
  2. Methods of assessing and improving position of the septal extension graft at the median sagittal plane
    Nicolae Antohi
  3. Bone drilling for solid nasal bone reconstruction: a new standard
    Emmanuel Racy
  4. Nose vestibular skin lifting
    Konstantin Lipski
  5. Dorsal preservation without osteotomy for flat nose and nose without hump
    Vitaly Zholtikov
  6. Piezo ostectomy and osteotomy with maximum preservation of bone stability
    Vitaly Zholtikov
  7. Kassel L-Beam, a special method for the treatment of rib cartilage
    Stefan Maas
  8. The “Nigiri graft” for dorsum augmentation: an update
    Helena Silveira
  9. Macroscopical and histological findings in a revision case after using DCF grafts
    Martin Haug

9.50 am – 10.20 am

Coffee break in the exhibition area

10.20 am – 11.25 am
Video Session 2 | Case Presentations: How I did it

4+4 formula: 4 min video highlighting the main steps in one case + 4 min comment by Reviewers for each video
Reviewers: Cerkes, Robotti

  1. A primary open structural rhinoplasty
    Philio Lekakis
  2. The Deprojection – Reprojection concept: a case
    Haldun Kamburoğlu
  3. Reinforcing of weak lower lateral crura with septal grafts: a case
    Alexander Kuzanov
  4. Nasal dorsum lining with diced cartilage mixed with short cut fascia: a case
    Nicolae Antohi
  5. Rhinoplasty in combination with closure of large septal perforations: a case
    Stefan Maas
  6. A Binder Syndrome case
    Suleyman Tas
  7. From Asian to Caucasian to Asian nose – a special case
    Martin Haug
  8. Ethnic rhinoplasty: a case of African nose
    Jacqueline Eichhorn-Sens

11.25 am – 11.45 am

Hot Topic 1: Nasal valve surgery techniques: less is more
Werner Heppt

11.45 am – 12.45 pm

Video Session 3 | Techniques: established and new – Section II

3+4 formula: 3 min video-focused presentation of a specific technique + 4 min discussion for each presentation (Discussants + audience)
Discussants: Heppt, Lipski

  1. Double-layered fascia or fixed DCF graft to emphasize dorsal aesthetic lines
    Vitaly Zholtikov
  2. Reinforced angulated marginal rim grafts: Aesthetic and functional improvement of the nasal vestibule
    Daniel a’ Wengen
  3. Titanium Batten Graft to widen and to stabilize the external nasal valve: A new technique to treat nasal collapse of the vestibules
    Daniel a’ Wengen
  4. Laterally secured rim grafts
    Jacqueline Eichhorn-Sens
  5. Creating symmetry in Cleft Nose Patient with Extended Alar Contour Grafts
    Stefan Maas
  6. Mastering the Sliding Alar Cartilage (SAC) Flap
    Emmanuel Racy
  7. Pronounced concavity of lower lateral crura: how to correct it?
    Alexander Kuzanov
  8. Superiorly- Based Transposition Flap: A novel technique for tip surgery
    Suleyman Tas

12.45 pm – 1.45 pm

Lunchbreak in the exhibition area

1.45 pm – 2.00 pm
Special Videopresentation: Bony fixation techniques
Sebastian Haack

2.00 pm – 2.50 pm

Session 4 | New Ideas – Section I

PowerPoint presentations session of 7 min talks with videoclips
Chair: Gubisch
Discussants: a’ Wengen, Haug

  1. Open rhinoplasty with “closed” philosophy
    Konstantin Lipski
  2. Septal perforations repair: functional and aesthetic results
    Stelio Mocella
  3. Best managing septal perforations
    Mahmed Saad
  4. Submucous partial medial maxillectomy and turbinoplasty without mucosal injury: A paradigm change in the treatment of nasal obstruction.
    Daniel a’ Wengen
  5. Evaluating the surgical plan in secondary rhinoplasty
    Carlos Oaxaca Escobar
  6. Tip Refinement in Secondary Rhinoplasty
    Pedro Bersan

8 min discussion

2.50 pm – 3.10 pm

Keynote Lecture 2: Refinements in the use of rib in secondary rhinoplasty
Enrico Robotti

3.10 pm – 4.00 pm

Session 5 | New Ideas – Section II

PowerPoint presentations session of 7 min talks with videoclips
Chair: East
Discussants: Harel, Silveira

  1. Endonasal spreader grafts
    Helena Silveira
  2. Endonasal Approach in Bulbous Tip
    Marcos Harel
  3. FPPR – Full Protected Powered Rhinoplasty
    Stefan Maas
  4. Powered rhinoplasty by open approach: the point after 8 years
    Emmanuel Racy
  5. New view on the middle vault preservation and reconstruction
    Vitaly Zholtikov
  6. Dorsal Roof Technique: A novel technique for dorsum preservation
    Suleyman Tas

8 min discussion

4.00 pm – 4.20 pm 

Hot Topic 2: My ongoing experience on preservation rhinoplasty techniques
Charles East

4.20 pm – 5.10 pm

Session 6 | New Ideas – Section III

PowerPoint presentations session of 7 min talks with videoclips
Chair: Zholtikov
Discussants: Eichhorn-Sens, Kamburoğlu

  1. Saving Webster Triangle, A Must or A Myth?
    Haldun Kamburoğlu
  2. Inverted-V or wide nasal pyramid – what to correct and how
    Martin Haug
  3. Methods to treat the wide columellar base, including a new personal technique
    Jacqueline Eichhorn-Sens
  4. Combining Rhinoplasty with Upper Lip Lift Using a Single Incision Line
    Stephan Bessler
  5. Long term soft tissue observation after rhinoplasty: when is the nose “finished”?: a 3D surface imaging and 2D photometric study
    Niklas Iblher
  6. Defining the psychosocial profile of the rhinoplasty candidates: Is the SIMON profile evidenced-based?
    Panagiotis Milothridis 

8 min discussion

5.10 pm – 5.30 pm

Special Session: RSE Award Presentations and Prize

5 min presentations by RSE members with videoclips
Chair: Dacho

  1. Working more comfortably with fascia in rhinoplasty
    Tatjana Bogdanova
  2. Comparison between Deep temporalis fascia blanket and subSMAS dissection/preservation
    Mohamed Saad
  3. PRF membrane to prevent thin skin retraction in secondary case : how to do it.
    Emmanuel Racy
  4. A comparison between “Extension Graft” and a “Columellar Strut” nasal tip stabilization methods
    Vladislav Grigoryants

5.30 pm

Adjourn and Business Meeting (RSE General Assembly)



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